Thank You's...
What an enjoyable thing to do... to have the opportunity to write and present a wedding ceremony and often coordinate entire weddings. I have met wonderful couples who have come to this beautiful Lake Tahoe Area and allowed me to be a part of their lives as the begin the journey called Marriage. Following, are some of the notes I have received.
"Our Dearest Ann,
We want to thank you for officiating our wedding. Our day was heavenly, and it could not have been more perfect. We especially thank you for all of your work behind the scenes to ensure that we experienced a memorable day. We thank you for going beyond the call of duty; we thoroughly enjoyed all the gifts---that was a nice touch. We will never forget the special time we had in Squaw Valley. Lodging in your Poole's Guesthouse was also a big treat, and having the caterer prepare our dinner party there made everything flow nicely and was very convenient for not only Neil and I, but for our guests as well. They are still talking about the wonderful experience they had at our reception. God bless you for your talents and for the huge heart you have to serve others in the manner that you do. We thank you for helping us enjoy the beginning of what will be a wonderful life together." __Neil and Miggie Buffler

"Dear Ann, Just a note to let you know that you gave us exactly what we were looking for; a wonderful wedding at Tahoe. I am so glad that we had the wedding on North Shore... the scenic location that you chose overlooking the lake from the cliff, with pictures of us walking on the beach, down the dock and through the woods was amazing! It was so much more beautiful than I imagined it would be! Ann, you really captured our love for each other in your pictures. I am SO greatful that you worked with us with the pictures so that I didn't tower over Robert (he actually looked taller than me in many of them!) and you made me look so much thinner! Bless you!" __Jennifer Barnes

"Ann is terrific! I highly recommend her. I was lucky enough to find Ann’s website and was impressed with the beautiful pictures and how simple she made the whole wedding process. It was a refreshing change from some of the stress-filled weddings that we had attended as guests; Ann took care of everything! I emailed her and she called back the same day. answering all of our questions. It was great to be able to have her write our ceremony to reflect our thoughts and feelings, and the text she provided us was truly beautiful. The pictures were terrific too. Ann definitely can bring out the best in a photo. It was truly a special day, and definitely exceeded our expectations. The location was gorgeous. If I had to do it again, I wouldn’t change a thing! I have recommended Ann to several people already!" __Mark and Jennifer Restivo

"Ann, I just wanted to write to say how much we loved our wedding! You were so helpful with all of the planning and the vows you wrote were beautiful! I will never forget our wedding day because it was exactly what we wanted, we couldn't have asked for a more perfect day! Keith and I talk about it sometimes and agree that the location and the service itself were everything we were looking for to celebrate our day. Simple, elegant, and our close family and friends there. That backdrop on top of everything else, breathtaking!
Thank you again! You are forever in our hearts!" __Keith and Gabrielle Overton

"Ann, I want to thank you so much for performing our wedding. I really enjoyed working with you, your creativity, professionalism, responsiveness and the way you made our wedding day special. You advice as to local suppliers was also invaluable. Our wedding was everything we hoped it would be and more. You were terrific - thank you." __Linda and Denis Winter

"Dearest Ann,
AJ and I want to thank you again for our beautiful ceremony, all the hard work and all the "little extras" that you helped us with. Planning a wedding when you live hundreds of miles away can be frustrating, but with your help you made the process very enjoyable. We are still talking about how smooth and perfect our wedding day was. The location was perfect; thank God the weather held out just long enough for us to get pictures. The reception dinner could not have been at a better place; the service and food were exceptional!

Thanks again for your professionalism, attention to detail and your understanding of what we were looking for. We just can't thank you enough! We were truly blessed that my mom contacted you for our wedding ceremony, as well as the planning. We absolutely appreciate all the work you put into making our day so special for us and for our family members that joined us. You are a wonderful person with a big heart, a great sense of humor and you will always be our Fairy Godmother!
God Bless!" __AJ and Tracy Pighin

"Ann, I just want to let you know that I have read through the ceremony options about a hundred times. They are all so beautiful, and I can't make up my mind. You write such wonderful ceremonies and it's so hard to choose which parts I like best. I thought you would like to know." __Sheena Meyer (Later, Mrs. David Steiner)

"Hello dear Ann,
We absolutely enjoyed our honeymoon and after having returned to Switzerland we informed our family about our wedding. Some of them have been surprised, others said, "We knew that you would be doing something like that." All are very excited and happy for us when looking at the great pictures of our wedding day. We have to state again how happy we are that you made our day so nice and the ceremony just great. For us it was really the greatest day of our life and we are so glad to have found you as our minister." __Christine Storti & Martin Schmied
Christine and Martin still live in Switzerland and continue to send emails from time to time. They are now the proud parents of a beautiful baby boy named Leonardo.

"Dear Ann,
I would like to express my sincere appreciation for all of your assistance in both planning and performing our wedding. As you know, I had very little time (only a week and a half) and was in somewhat of a panic to get everything in place. When I found you, I immediately felt as ease with your professional attitude and warm personality. I just knew I was in good hands and need not worry. I was correct. Thank you for the quality in your preparation of not only our ceremony but in all of our arrangements including lodging, wedding location, wedding reception, wedding cake, flowers, photographer, hairdresser, massage, and limousine service. Everything was impeccable! Michael and I cannot wait to celebrate our first anniversary in Lake Tahoe. Ann, you made our special event wonderful and memorable. Thank you!" __Vicki Rae McMullen

"We were thrilled with all you did to make our day special and meaningful for us. Your recommendations for lodging and dining were perfect. I think the work you do is wonderful because you give couples like Greg and I the chance to work with you to create our own ceremonies. For us, being outside in God's "most beautiful sanctuary" was ideal. " __Greg and Jill Hall

"Ann, it's been 7 months since that wonderful day at Lake Tahoe. Ron and I are still laughing and having great fun. Not only have we enjoyed the pictures of our wedding, but so has almost everyone who knows us. I know the gals I work with at Tucson High are probably getting tired of me asking them if they want to see them. It's so great looking at them and bringing back the feelings of the day. How can I not laugh when I'm married to Ron... in my first marriage I never would have believed that two people could have so much fun. We both still laugh when I get excited and start babbling about me being his wife or him being my husband. What a lucky couple we are! And... I'm amazed at the different level of commitment we have with each other. It's so different being "family" instead of just living together. Again, thank you so much for your wonderful help with our ceremony. You started us off on this wonderful new life with the most intimate, beautiful wedding ceremony. Thank you." __Devora Olson

"Hi Ann,
Dave and I have returned home from Lake Tahoe and we are settling into our new life together. Thank you for the wonderful wedding ceremony you provided us with. The setting was beautiful and ceremony was so touching... it felt like a dream. Thank you for making our day so special! You are a fun, inspirational person and we really enjoyed your company. Again, thank you Ann, for making our wedding day so memoriable." __Lisa Wight

"It was a pleasure meeting you and we just want to say thank you for everything. You’re very unique in letting the bride and groom customize their wedding. Everyone we’ve talked to about it said they thought it was great and makes it even more special. You are so thoughtful and definitely covered everything. We sure do wish we were still there. But back to reality, in this Arizona heat." _ Richard and Janine Garrobo

"We wanted to write you once again to say thanks. You made our wedding day very special - one we will not forget.  The location was gorgeous and the pictures you took were fabulous!  Also, the ceremony was very touching.  It fit exactly how we felt about each other. We will recommend your services to others whenever the opportunity arises. With our copy of the ceremony we can look back at them and remember how we felt when we first spoke them.  Not to be forgotten was the cake (oh, so delicious!! - chocolate, like there's anything else) and the goody bag you gave us after the ceremony.  We truly appreciate your services and how comfortable you made us feel. Thanks again." __Jack and Shelley Lowry

"Hi Ann! We are home now in Oregon and happily married... (thanks to you)! Just want to let you know how special our wedding day was because of you. It was the perfect day and the most beautiful setting for our intimate lakeside wedding. We felt so much peace and happiness there and are sure to return many times more. You are so special Ann. All the lovely and thoughtful gifts and momentos you have included just made our day and evening extra celebratory. We took the cake to a private park overlooking the lake the night of the fourth of July and we had a slice while watching the fireworks. The rest, made it home to Oregon. There was definitely more than two slices to that decadence! I placed all your gifts out on our dining room table and took a picture for our book of memories. I really, really hope that we can meet again sometime. We hope to get back there next year to celebrate our anniversary too. Thank you abundantly for being so gracious and giving so much. Your the best! Many blessings always to you." __Love, Holly and Paul Gagnon

"Thank you Ann, it was a beautiful ceremony. It was just what we wanted and the pictures you took are terrific! I just wish we had stayed at Poole's Guesthouse!" __Lee and Pam Ghiglieri

"Dear Ann,
We want to thank you for our beautiful wedding day. What started out as an elopement and turned into a full wedding party, was more than we could have dreamed of. Even after we changed our minds and the wedding plans time and again, you took it all with such grace. Your sense of humor is something that I will forever be grateful for. Brett and I would not change a thing about our wedding and I hope you know how special you made everything for us. Our best wishes and may your life be as happy as you helped make ours." __Thank you, Brett and Tina Farish

Ann, WE LOVE THE PICS! Thank you so much for making our special day. The cake and champagne and pics were wonderful and such a treat for us. We are so happy we stumbled upon your website. We could not be happier with our decision to go with you. You were friendly, funny and warm; it does not get better than that.
_ Love, Jimmy & Shelley Jarquin

"Ann is extremely professional and personable. The pictures turned out amazing and captured the mood of the day. The location was breathtaking, and the perfect venue for a small wedding that wants a big bang. It was also such a relief to have her deal with many of the details, which made less stress on our part which is always a blessing. Our wedding was beautiful and the pictures are gorgeous! I am so happy we went with Ann, it definitely made our wedding day amazing! Thanks Ann!" __Sarah and Raj

"Dearest Ann,
Steve and I would again like to thank you for the most beautiful day of our lives. You as a person Ann are as beautiful as the heavenly scenery of Lake Tahoe. Our wedding experience with you was absolutely perfect and would not have changed a thing! You have a gift and we feel fortunate for selecting you to perform our glorious union. The pictures, absolutely beautiful, are true artwork and far exceeded our expectations." __Sincerely, Ruth and Steve Hanebrink

"Ann, the pictures are wonderfull, we are very pleased! Thanks again for making our day so special. The bag of goodies was very nice; the champagne glasses are beautiful. We will certainly spread the word to anyone renewing vows or getting married.
Thanks for all your efforts, and may God Bless you! _ Charlie and Lana Donahue
P.S. Your rates are too low for the full service you provide.

"My family and I are from IL and had never been to the Lake Tahoe area, so as you can imagine trying to plan a wedding from afar; it was a little intimidating. Ann was AMAZING! From day one, talking to her so was incredibly helpful with locations and advice on the ceremony. As our day drew closer Ann's communication never failed me and she was always willing to answer questions. We finally had the privilege of meeting Ann about 45 minutes before our wedding, she was incredible! Very knowledgeable about all the legal stuff :) and just a very calming and reassuring person. She had very creative ideas for our pictures and they turned out amazing. Our ceremony was formal yet casual and fun and Ann fit the mold perfectly of what we wanted our officiant to be on our wedding day! We highly recommend Ann's services! We felt like she was an old friend we had known forever." __ Charles and Dawn Keyser

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